Man With A Van® is a fully licensed and insured mover of household goods.
This means we have the necessary Federal and State registrations and the required level of insurance
– not all movers do!

Standard and Additional Movers’ Insurance

All licensed household movers are required to have insurance that covers damaged or lost items. This coverage is included in a mover’s rates, i.e., there is no additional charge, but is only pays out at 60-cents-per-pound-per-article.

You may elect to take additional insurance based on the total valuation of what you are shipping. This additional valuation charge, for a minimum $2500 valuation, is $12.50 and 50¢ per additional $100 of valuation.
(Note:If you choose the additional valuation, we reserve the right to photograph each item, to test electronics, and to inspect and repack boxes as needed, all at the relevant hourly rate.)
Of course, you may always find a third-party insurer to insure your shipment.

We also have regulatory-required Cargo insurance that provides $5,000 of contents coverage for when your stuff is in our vehicle – but that’s only payable if the van explodes or something.

Not withstanding the legal side of insurance, we stand by our work. We do a lot of moves and every once in a while damage happens – usually dings or scratches – and we will make every effort to arrive at an amicable solution. If something does get damaged, we’ll try to agree on an out-of-pocket reimbursement, or we may be able to send a repair/restoration guy.

Building’s Certificates of Insurance

Many buildings require proof that moving companies working in their buildings have auto, cargo, liability and workers compensation insurance. For each move in such a building, a unique certificate must be requested from our insurance agent specifying the building, management company, tenant, and other parties. This process normally takes a few business days to complete*.


One certificate for each location is included free* with a move  – IF YOU obtain the necessary information from the building(s) AND if we receive the information at least 3 business days in advance of the move.

When you are speaking with your management company please request these items:

  • Certificate Holder/Address:
  • Additionally Insured(s):
  • Email or Fax #:
  • Contact Person at Management/#

NOTE: Certificate holder and additionally insureds must be filled out EXACTLY per your management’s instructions and yes, all this insurance certificate stuff is annoying.

Or, you can have your building management send their requirements directly to us with a cover letter stating tenant’s name, address with apt. #, and move date via fax to 800.622.3003 or via email to

Our COI’s are accepted by virtually all building managers, as we hold the following liability policies:

  • $2,000,000 Commercial General Liability
  • $5,000,000 Excess Umbrella Liability

* If you want us to get the information from your building there is a $30 processing fee (per building).
* If expedited processing is necessary, we may impose a $30 urgent processing fee.