Cradboard Box CostumeWhether you’ve just moved or you’ve been holding onto moving boxes from years ago, now is the perfect time to unpack and put them to good use—it’s time to turn them into an epic Halloween costume! No matter your age, all you need to create a Halloween costume from a moving box is paint, tape and glue—and outside-of-the-box thinking doesn’t hurt! Here at Man With A Van, we know our way around moving boxes, so here are five fun and easy Halloween costumes to make from all of those moving boxes you have been accumulating.

There’s Nothing “Square” About Being a Lego Man (or Woman)

If you’re looking for a costume that’s great for little kids, big kids and the inner kid inside all of us adults, then this is the costume for you. To nail this look, you’re going to need one large box for the body (painted red) and one smaller box for the head (painted yellow). To get the classic lego bump outs, glue plates upside down along the body and on top of the head. 

Moving Boxes Are the Perfect Fit for a Tetris Piece

This one may require some breaking down of boxes—or using smaller boxes—but the tedious work will be worth it! Not only is this costume idea great if you’re going to a party solo, but it’s also perfect for couples or a big group of friends.

Get Down and Do the Mr. Robot(o)

Robots may not be as futuristic as they once were, but a robot costume is never outdated. In order to achieve this look, you’ll need one large box for the body and a box with the flaps cut off (or without the cover) for the top of your head. Spray paint everything silver, wear a gray shirt and leggings, and glue cutout dials and buttons on the front of the box.

Become a Life-Sized Photo Strip in a Snap

Ready to get your scissors out? Good, because you’re going to need them for this costume—you’re also going to need a few black and white photos of yourself! Unlike with the other costumes, which don’t need to be broken down, this box will be cut into rectangular shapes to mimic a photo negative shape. Glue your photos onto the cardboard and be sure to leave five inches from the top and bottom—this empty space will be painted with black and white rectangles which will give it that “negative” photo vibe, et voila!

Combine DIY and BYO—Go as a Box of Wine

Strictly adult-friendly, this costume is easy to make and keeps you and your friends supplied with wine all night, making it a win-win. Simply cover a moving box with the logo of your favorite boxed wine logo, cut a hole for a dispensing spout, place a bag of wine inside your box and have the happiest of Halloweens ever.

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Cut It Out: 5 Halloween Costumes You Can Make From Moving Boxes