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Before moving, you need to ask yourself a simple question: are you going to move everything yourself? Or are you going to pay for professional movers?

Many people believe they can save a considerable amount of money by moving stuff on their own. Sometimes, this is true – especially if you’re only moving a few small items. However, many people are surprised by how affordable professional movers can be.

Today, we’re comparing the costs of professional movers with DIY movers.

DIY Moving Comes with More Costs Than You Think

When some people compare the costs of professional moving with DIY moving, they think DIY moving is “free”. After all, you don’t pay yourself, right? However, there are a lot of costs to DIY moving you need to consider, including:

Truck Rental: $100 to $200

Fuel: $20 to $40

Pizza and Beer: $50

Moving Supplies: $50 to $200

Another cost to consider is the lost wages for the day, or the loss of a Saturday/Sunday for your friends. It might not have a strict dollar value cost, but it’s a cost nonetheless. You’re asking friends to take time out of their day. Even if you’re paying with pizza and beer, your friends might still feel “owed” – especially if this isn’t your first move.

Damage to your Belongings and Property

One of the biggest risks of DIY moving is damage to your belongings, your property, or even yourself. If you damage one piece of furniture or lose your damage deposit, then your DIY move instantly becomes more expensive than professional movers.

It’s rare to not break stuff during a DIY move. In fact, many people believe you should prepare to break about 2 to 3 items during a DIY move, or prepare to cause at least minor damage to your old or new property.

Of course, professional movers make mistakes too. Just because you hire professional movers doesn’t mean your property is guaranteed to be safe during the move. That’s why you have to hire good movers – not just any movers. Good movers have the skills and experience needed to minimize damage during a move. They also have insurance that protects your possessions if accidents occur.

Professional Movers Come with Value-Added Services

When you hire professional movers, you’re not just hiring two people and a truck. You’re hiring their moving equipment, moving materials, and their moving experience. All of these can substantially increase the value of professional movers. Here are a few of the things that can weigh the scale in favor of professional movers:

  • Increased experience and reduced likelihood of damage (to yourself, your property, and your possessions)
  • Moving trucks and moving vans
  • Moving insurance and other protections
  • Dollies, ramps, hand trucks, and other moving equipment
  • Cardboard boxes, moving mats, plastic wrap, and other materials

There’s also the advantage that in certain jurisdictions and in certain situations (like moving for work), moving costs can be tax deductible.

Ultimately, professional movers aren’t always more expensive than DIY moving. All it takes is one slip or mistake, and professional movers immediately become a cheaper option than DIY movers. Request your moving quote today to discover how affordable Man With A Van can be!

The Cost of Moving: DIY Versus Professional Movers