moving tips

Moving isn’t an easy process. Fortunately, using the tips below, you can make moving a little bit easier.

Start Preparing Early

Your house might not look like it has much stuff. But once you start putting things into boxes, you’ll realize how much of a chore moving can be. Start your move early, and you won’t feel too stressed or rushed once the move-in day arrives.

Develop a Moving Strategy

How are you getting all of your stuff from point A to point B? Whether you’re using professional movers or a “buddy with a truck”, you need to figure out a plan sooner rather than later. You need to make sure your friend with a truck is available, or you need to book professional movers. Don’t leave it to the last minute.

However, if you do leave it to the last minute and need some help, feel free to give us a call. We might have last-minute availability, especially if you’re moving mid-week. In general, though, you’ll want to plan ahead.

Purge Everything

Moving is a great opportunity to purge stuff from your house. Get rid of old clothes. Sell old furniture on Craigslist. Everyone wins when you do this: you make a little extra money and you avoid the hassle of moving stuff you don’t want.

Check Moving Policies in your Condo or Apartment

If you’re moving to a condo, apartment, or a gated community, make sure you check moving policies before you arrive. Some residences might allow you to have a special elevator pass, for example, while others have strict rules about where you can park. Some places have service elevators that can make moving a breeze – but you need to book those service elevators in advance. Many condos will ask for a damage deposit of $100 to $500 for using the service elevator.

Prepare a Personal Kit for Moving Day

One newbie mistake people make is to pack everything into boxes on moving day. Then, they arrive at their new home and have to dig through 25 boxes to find their toothbrush. Put together a personal moving kit – something as simple as a backpack or a box you set aside. Make sure this contains everything you need to survive for a night. You probably won’t feel like searching through boxes after a long moving day.

Make Sure You’re Prepared for your Movers

Whether your friends are helping you move, or you hired professional movers, you need to be prepared when movers arrive at your address. Your friends will hate you for the rest of your life if stuff isn’t in boxes when they arrive

Hook Up Essential Services Before You Arrive

Another rookie moving mistake is to ignore utilities and connections until after you arrive. Do you want to go 2 weeks without Wi-Fi? Probably not. Your utility company may be able to transfer your account to your new address. Just let them know in advance. Or, if you’re moving to a different service area, contact that area’s service provider before you arrive. Get cable, electricity, internet, etc. figured out before you move in.

Stop Buying Groceries a Week Before You Move Out

Groceries are an annoying thing to move. The less food you need to move, the easier your move will be. Stop buying groceries a week before you move. If you have a lot of food left over the week before moving, invite friends over for a big potluck dinner. Cook all the random pasta, rice, and other foods you have leftover.

Take Pictures of your Electronics and Connections

If you have a basic TV setup with just a single HDMI cord, then this step isn’t really necessary. If you have a big home theater system, however, or multiple hookups, then it’s a good idea to take pictures of your electronics and connections. Take a picture of the back of your TV. You won’t have to guess which cables went where, and your system will work just like it did at your old place.

Request a Free Moving Quote

Need a little extra help for your move? Get in touch with Man With A Van for a free moving quote. Our affordably-priced moving services include our company vehicle and helping hands. Whether it’s a small studio apartment or a multi-bedroom family home, we can move your stuff safely, efficiently, and at a reasonable price.

Top 10 Moving Tips Guaranteed to Make Your Life Easier