If you’re moving to a new place, then you’re probably debating whether or not to hire professional movers. On the one hand, you need manpower and a moving truck or van. On the other hand, you may be tempted to do it yourself and save money.

We get a lot of questions about moving company prices here at Man With A Van. Today, we’re explaining everything you need to know about the rates and fees charged by most moving companies:

How Do I Pay the Moving Company?

How do you actually pay the moving company? Do you pay upfront? Can you pay online?

In most cases, movers will ask for payment only after the move has been completed. However, in certain situations, like during the peak summer months, movers may require a deposit upfront (make sure you ask for a receipt!).

What Happens If I Don’t Pay the Movers?

If you pay the movers after the move, then what’s to stop the customer from refusing to pay?

Well, there have been situations like this in the past. If you don’t pay the agreed amount, movers have the right to withhold some of your assets. That’s right; movers can take your stuff hostage. You definitely don’t want to mess with the people who have a van full of your possessions.

How Do Movers Charge – Hourly or Fixed Rate?

Different movers charge different rates. They also charge you in different ways.

  • Fixed Hourly Rates: Hourly moving rates are typically used for short-distance moves. If you’re just moving your stuff to a new place across town, for example, or are within a 4 hour drive, then movers may charge an hourly rate. The fixed hourly rate typically includes a truck with three movers or a truck with five movers. The hourly rate will also cover gasoline and other costs. In some cases, you can hire movers without the truck. Expect to pay about $60 to $80 per hour for labor.
  • By Weight or Cubic Foot: This pricing method is popular for long distance moves. Movers will charge you a fee based on the weight of your possessions. They could also have other fees if you have items that are particularly bulky.

How Much Can I Expect to Pay for Packing?

Many moving companies offer packing services on top of their ordinary moving services. If you sign up for a company’s packing services, you can expect to pay a premium rate. In many cases this can double the moving time.

Make sure you let your moving company know ahead of time that you expect them to box everything up. They’ll typically arrive a few days before the move to prepare everything. If movers arrive with a truck the day of your move, and your stuff isn’t boxed up ready to go, then you could be charged a big fee.

Should I Pay for Moving Insurance?

Moving insurance is a tricky subject that varies between movers and between states. Professional moving companies will have insurance, although it will only cover a certain amount of value by weight (say, $0.60 per pound of your possessions).

For that reason, moving companies may recommend that you purchase premium moving insurance, especially if you’re transporting valuable stuff.

Movers will discuss the costs of moving insurance upfront, making it easy for you to make an informed decision.

Ultimately, moving is never cheap. Whether you’re paying your friends with pizza and beer and renting a moving truck, or you’re paying professional movers, there will always be a significant amount of time, labor, and equipment involved with moving. Make sure you compare moving quotes to get the best possible deal on your upcoming move.

Top 5 FAQs About the Price of Professional Movers