Are you trying to decide between a DIY move and professional movers?

We could scare you with horror stories about the many DIY moves gone wrong, and the $2,000 wardrobes that have been damaged because you didn’t want to pay for a dolly.

But instead of telling you those horror stories, we’ll explain the top 5 mistakes people make with a DIY move:

5) You Underestimate the Costs of DIY Moving

Many people have it in their head that there are two ways to move:

  • DIY Moving: “Completely free”
  • Professional Movers: “Way too expensive”

However, by the time you total up the costs of a DIY move versus professional movers, the price might not be as different as you think.

Let’s say you get 3 friends to help you move. You have to consider things like lost income from a day of missing work (say, $600), vehicle insurance ($20), environmental fees ($10), fuel costs ($25), travel charges ($10 to $30), truck or van rental for the day ($100), and pizza and beer ($40). That adds up quickly.

On the other end of things, professional movers at $100-$200 an hour for a team of 2-3 people may be the better option. They can move things more quickly. They already own moving equipment and a moving truck. They come prepared. And they don’t complain about warm beer at the end of the day.

In any case, whether you’re moving yourself or paying for professional movers, don’t forget that moving is never free. Be prepared to spend money whether you’re doing it yourself or not. At the very least, request a moving quote – you may be surprised how affordable professional movers can be.

4) You Don’t Invest in Moving Equipment

Moving requires equipment. You need dollies, a toolkit, moving blankets, moving pads, tape, protective equipment, boxes, and other crucial items.

Many DIY movers make the mistake of trying to do a move without this equipment. It’s not a good idea. At the very least, you’re going to end up with scratches on your nice dining room table. Or worse, you could send one of your friends to the hospital.

3) You Don’t Budget Enough Time

You never realize how much stuff you have until you try to put it into a single vehicle. Professional movers will always complete the job more quickly than DIY movers (unless your friends are former professional movers). However, many DIY movers don’t budget anywhere near enough time for the move.

Whatever amount of time you think the move will take, double it. That gives you a larger window to make multiple trips. On that note…

2) You Try to Make It In One Trip

Unless you own a truck and you’re moving a studio apartment, you’re probably not going to make it in one trip with one vehicle. Don’t load your vehicle dangerously. Don’t push your vehicle to its weight limit. Don’t risk damaging your stuff – take the time to make more than one trip.

1) You Think You’re Hercules

Many people overestimate their own strength when moving. Whether you’re young or old, weak or strong, man or woman, remember one thing, don’t push yourself too hard when moving stuff around.

Moving furniture is one of the most common causes of back problems and other serious injuries. Remember, you’re going to be maneuvering heavy stuff through awkward spaces all day long. How much is that back injury going to cost you?

The next time you’re considering the costs of DIY moving versus professional movers, remember the mistakes listed above. Request your moving quote today from Man With A Van.

Top 5 Mistakes People Make with DIY Moves