Whether you planned to DIY your move and ended up over your head or need a craigslist couch picked up ASAP Man with a Van’s got you covered. We can often accommodate same day bookings, just give us a call at 800-575-6006. Our service representatives can advise on what times we have available. 

When inquiring about same day services please keep the following information in mind:

1) Our same day bookings are subject to availability. We typically will send a crew over after they finish a previous job so we may have less flexibility with scheduling than we do for jobs booked a day or two in advance.

2) We are fully insured for all moves, however, certain buildings require a customized Certificate of Insurance (COI) tailored to their specifications. Please be sure to check with your building(s) to see if a COI is required. Our insurance is processed through an outside agent so it is vital that we provide them with your building’s COI requirements as far in advance as possible to avoid potential delays.