Moving During the HolidaysMoving during the holidays may not have been on your wishlist, but sometimes that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. But moving during the holidays doesn’t have to be as naughty as it sounds—in fact, it can be really nice! The moving experts at Man With A Van are here with some tips on how to make moving during the holidays easy, so you can “sleigh” your move AND your holiday season. 

Don’t Get Caught in a Flurry—Start Packing Early
Between holiday shopping, attending holiday parties and the usual chaos of life, this is a busy time of year—adding moving into the mix will make it even moreso. As much as you’d probably like to throw your hands up in the air in defeat (or ask the guy in the big red suit to take care of it all for you), here’s the reality: the sooner you start packing, the less stressed you’ll be during this already stressful time of year. Thankfully, this is a “giving” time of year, so don’t be afraid to ask friends and family members to give you a helping hand to making packing less of a stress, or to gift you with some moving supplies in lieu of a “normal” gift. 

Decorate (Minimally) to Avoid Being a Grinch
Yes, you’re technically supposed to be packing everything up, but the holiday season isn’t like any other season, so that means this move isn’t going to be unlike any other. To help give your current space some holiday vibes—without affecting your packing—choose ONE box of decorations and scatter them throughout your space as normal. Just be sure to keep that box in close proximity, so you can quickly and easily pack up your decorations for when it’s go-time.

Keep Your Family’s Spirit Merry and Bright By Keeping Them Busy
‘Tis the season of cocktail parties, holiday events at school and outings to see window and tree decorations, but just because you’re moving doesn’t mean you and your family have to miss out on the magic of the season. As soon as you set your moving date, it’s important to also set aside some time for holiday outings with your friends and family.

Hiring Movers is the Best Gift You Can Give Yourself
This season may be about doing and buying things for others, but when you’re moving during the holiday season, you get a pass to treat yourself, and the best way to do that is by hiring a professional moving company. By doing this, you can unwrap all of the benefits of the right professional movers, such as:

  • Fast and friendly service
  • A variety of vehicles to choose from—sprinters for small apartments, box trucks for large households or commercial moves
  • The ability to sit back and relax while the pro’s take care of business 
  • Confidence that your items will be moved with TLC 

Not all gifts come wrapped in big, red bow—some come in a big, red, Man With A Van truck! So if you’re moving this holiday season, don’t add to the chaos of the season—just contact us instead. With two locations in New York City and Philadelphia, we’re here to handle your holiday season with 

Tips to Be Thankful For: Moving During the Holidays