For small office moves or as a delivery vehicle for catering companies, restaurants, artists and artisans, our Sprinter vans are ideal.

Our larger box-trucks are available for moving large items, and larger numbers of desks, boxes or filing cabinets.

To book one-off moves, please use the “Get A Quote” button.GET A QUOTE

If you have a ongoing commercial need, please use the “Be a Partner” button.BE A PARTNER

Our team of local movers will arrive with all of the equipment needed to complete your move safely, including moving blankets, dollies, shrink wrap, tape, and a basic toolkit. They’ll work hard all day to complete the move to your satisfaction. If you need boxes and supplies, we have those too!

We are fully licensed and insured at the Federal and State levels, so all our rates are defined in our tariffs and we can provide a Certificate of Insurance for your building, if required.

Our Vehicles

Mercedes Benz Sprinters: The perfect vehicle for any number of smaller jobs! The cargo area of the Sprinter is 14′ L x 6′ W x 6.5′ H. This vehicle is made for city driving and able to access areas where parking would be problematic for a standard moving truck.

Box trucks: When it will not fit on a Sprinter, we have box trucks available for larger moves. Most of our trucks have lift-gates, so heavier items can be handled with the correct manpower.