Man With A Van® Ethos: To offer honest, excellent moving services at a fair rate.

What exactly do you do?
We are a full service moving company – licensed and insured.
We can deliver a couple of boxes, single items of furniture – such as that sofa you just bought on Craigslist – or move your entire apartment or office.
Our fleet is a mix of Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans and box trucks. The Sprinter vans are HUGE; the cargo area is 14′ long x 6.5′ high x 6′ wide, and our box trucks have up to a 26′ cargo area.
We come with blankets, shrink-wrap and tape to wrap and protect your belongings. We will do basic disassembly/re-assembly.
Our crews are usually 2 or 3 people, depending on the size of the job; but we’ll assign as many as you and we agree on.
Our rates are hourly and vary by date, location, job specifics and crew/vehicle size ranging from $90hr to $210hr.

What kind of vehicles do you have? 

On the smaller side, we have Mercedes Extended Top Sprinter Vans:

If your move is on the larger size, we have trucks up to 26 feet:

Do you pack?
For a standard move you pack the boxes and we blanket and shrink-wrap the larger and fragile items.
If you want us to pack any loose items we just charge for the time, plus any boxes and materials used.
You can also buy moving supplies from us, just let us know what you need ahead of time and we’ll make sure to bring it on the day of the move!
We can do a full “pack & move”, but that usually requires packing one day and moving the next, and an onsite estimate.

Overnight Storage

If you need your items picked up on one day and delivered the next we are typically able to accommodate. Please reach out to us for more information, as overnight storage requires additional approval.

We require a deposit in order to book with us. The deposit is equal to the first hour + the travel charge. The remainder of payment is due upon completion of the job. We accept cash or all major credit cards. If you won’t be be present at the drop-off location, you can pay through this link, or call us with your credit card information. Please inform us in advance if you will not be present at the drop off so that we can advise the crew.

What about insurance?
We are fully licensed and insured. We can offer you a Certificate of Insurance (COI) with your building’s specific requirements. For more expensive items (over $1000) we highly recommend taking out a separate insurance policy.

Certificates of Insurance

We typically request 48 hours to process COIs. Sometimes we are able to provide a quicker turnaround time but if your move date is flexible we strongly suggest you book at least 2 days in advance to allow time for processing.

Standard COI

Our Standard COI offers Commercial General liability coverage and Automotive liability coverage. If your building only requires these coverages we can provide a COI free of charge. Workers  Compensation or Excess/Umbrella Coverage.

Customized COIs

All COIs requiring Proof of Workers Compensation or Umbrella Insurance will be subject to a $35 processing fee.

Expedited Processing Fee

COIs requiring rushed processing are subject to a $35 rush fee. This fee will be in addition to any applicable fees
listed above.

What is the best day to move? 

Typically, Sunday is the best day to move – traffic tends to be less on Sundays and parking can be easier to find. If your building does not allow weekend moves, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are usually the slowest days of the week.

How far ahead should I plan and book my move? 

While we do offer same-day scheduling services, we highly recommend getting your move booked and planned at least a week in advance (but more if possible), because issues can arise. For example, often buildings require Certificates of Insurance (COIs), and have special requirements. In these cases, we send the request off to our insurance agent for processing, and this can take a few days. If you need expedited COI processing, we charge an additional $35 fee. In almost all cases, booking in advance and planning your move ahead of time can save you money in the long run.

What about the weather? 

In the event of rain or other precipitation, we will still move you! Rain or shine, we will be there. We wrap all furniture in shrink wrap and blankets to protect it, so don’t worry, we come prepared! In the event of extreme weather that can pose a danger to you or our crews, we may reach out to reschedule your move.

Can you offer flat-fee pricing? 

In very rare cases we offer flat rate moving. Most of the time, these are long distance moves and must be approved by a crew manager. Reach out to us via email ( or phone (800-575-6006) to get a quote!

Specialty Items:

We are unable to move most pianos with the exception of certain small upright models and electric pianos. We’re happy to assist with the moving of the following specialty items but require a product link or image prior to booking to ensure we sending the a suitable vehicle and crew size.

Specialty Items: refrigerators (mini fridges don’t count), freezers, washing machines, dryers, stoves, dishwashers.

What about COVID?

Our crews follow city guidelines pertaining to COVID restrictions and mask mandates. The comfort and safety of our customers is our utmost priority. If you would like our crews to wear masks when no mandate is in effect please let us know and we will note it on your reservation. If your building has any policies or restrictions regarding COVID-19 they must be submitted to our office in writing. This includes but is not limited to informing our office if your building mandates that vaccine cards be presented for any outside parties performing services in the building. Failure to inform our office of such policies at least 24 hours prior to your move may result in delays or cancellation. If you do not inform us of your buildings COVID 19 policies and your move is canceled on the day of service as a result you may be billed a cancellation fee.

What about damages?

Please be aware that our insurance only covers up to $.60/lb. This is industry standard, released value protection. We understand that it’s important to transport your items with care so we do everything in our power to make sure no damage occurs.

Our movers are experienced professionals. If they advise that an item cannot be safely moved and you authorize them to attempt to continue the move we are not responsible for damages. An example of this would be a situation in which our movers advise that a couch will not fit through a doorway. If you encourage our movers to try and make it fit we would not be liable for damage sustained to the building or furniture item being moved.

If our crews are directed to load or unload property at a place/places where the customer is not present the property shall be at the risk of the customer.

We are not responsible for damage to any items that were not packed by our movers. This includes boxes, crates, cartons, or moving bags not professionally packed by our team. This also covers any larger items prepared for moving by the customer rather than by our team. We cannot verify the condition of items packed into boxes prior to our arrival or the precautions taken in using materials to pack the items as a result we cannot be held liable for damages. We are also not liable for any damages that occur after our movers have packed a customer’s vehicle as we are unable to verify whether customer actions during transit or unloading contributed or caused any present damages.

Please be aware that our insurance coverage does not cover “Items of Extraordinary Value”, which are items that are valued at higher than $100 per pound or items with a total value in excess of $2000. For these items, we would recommend checking your renters/homeowners insurance policy to ensure they are covered, or insuring them with a 3rd party.

All damage claims must be submitted within 7 days of completion of services. Images of damaged items must be provided. Damages to buildings must be brought to the attention of the crew while on site and reported to the office on the day of your services. Any damaged item that you are seeking compensation for must be written on the inventory you submitted prior to your move.

Helpful packing tips
● Tape boxes all boxes– both the top and bottom.
● Label the boxes on the sides and top of the boxes.
● Label boxes containing fragile pieces.
● Use moving boxes.
● Empty all the contents from all drawers.
● Begin to pack earlier than you think you will need to.
● Put heavier items in smaller boxes and lighter items in larger boxes.
● Box all lamps and lamp shades.

What about bedbugs?
We take no chances. Both New York City and Philadelphia require all mattresses and box springs be moved in a mattress bag or plastic wrap. If you do not have your own, let us know and we can bring one. We charge $14-17 for a mattress bag and/or wrapping. We will shrink-wrap any furniture items free of charge.

What areas do you serve?

  • Metro New York (incl. northern New Jersey and southwest Connecticut)
  • Greater Philadelphia (incl. southern New Jersey and northern Delaware)

How can I be a Man With A Van®?
Tell us about yourself in an email and send in a copy of your resume.

How long have you been in business?
Paul Kennedy started his moving business in 2000 in NYC with a single van. We now operate from bases in NYC and Philadelphia with 25 vehicles.

We strive to offer honest, excellent service at a fair rate.