Please read the below information carefully as it contains explanations of our policies that will be relevant to your move.

The 27th-1st are the most expensive and tend to book out early but we are often available last minute.

    • ❖ Our travel charge is a standard fee applied to all reservations. If you book multiple jobs with us the travel charge will be applied one time per job.
      ❖ All drive time in between locations is on the clock. The travel charge is additional.
      ❖ The clock stops when everything has been delivered to the final drop-off location.
      ❖ The clock starts when the crew arrives at the pick-up location.

The cargo area of an Extended Sprinter Van is enormous–14’ long x 6′ high and 6′ wide aka 546 cubic feet. For those still on the metric system, that would be 4.2672 meters x 1.8288 meters x 1.8288 meters precisely.

Our trucks range from 16’-26’ and are assigned via the office based on availability and your submitted inventory.

Our hourly rate includes your vehicle, crew, a basic toolkit, quilted moving blankets, tape, and shrink wrap. Let us know if you us to provide boxes or any additional packing materials. They are an extra charge and we will not have them on hand unless explicitly requested.

After the first hour we charge in half hour increments until your job is completed.


Our options for scheduling are a sharp arrival in the morning or an arrival window later in the day. The morning arrivals tend to book out the farthest in advance. Arrival windows mean that we will arrive any time in the window and call when we’re a half hour away. The first move of the day is the only appointment we book with a set time. The other two slots are just estimates. We may arrive earlier or later in the window depending on how long our previous moves take. If you have time restrictions from your building we suggest you do not line them up so they directly overlap with your arrival window.

Example: If the elevator at the building you are moving out of is booked for 12pm-3pm and you book a 12pm-3pm arrival window with us there is a chance we will arrive right at 3pm and miss your elevator reservation. The best option for working around strict elevator reservations is to set everything up far in advance and book a sharp arrival in
the morning before they book out.

Certificates Of Insurance:

We typically request 48 hours to process COIs. Sometimes we are able to provide a quicker turnaround time but if your move date is flexible we strongly suggest you book at least 2 days in advance to allow time for processing.

Standard COI:
Our Standard COI offers Commercial General liability coverage and Automotive liability coverage. If your building
only requires these coverages we can provide a COI free of charge.

Workers’ Compensation or Excess/Umbrella Coverage
All COIs requiring Proof of Workers Compensation or Umbrella Insurance will be subject to a $35 processing fee.

Expedited Processing Fee:
COIs requiring rushed processing are subject to a $35 rush fee. This fee will be in addition to any applicable fees
listed above.

Inventory Additions and Specialty Items

Please send any additions or changes to your inventory as far in advance as possible. The closer we get to your move the less flexibility we may have for accommodating additional items; especially if the additional inventory would
require a larger vehicle.

Please try to provide as accurate an inventory as possible to avoid issues on the day of your move.

Man With A Van is happy to help move any item within our capacity but please inquire about any specialty items. We
are unable to move most pianos and the following appliances need special approval: refrigerators (mini fridges are
acceptable), freezers, washing machines, dryers, stoves.


Appliances are considered specialty items and must be pre approved by management. All water and gas lines must be disconnected prior to our arrival. All internal shelving and movable pieces must be removed by the customer. Many appliances fall under our Items of Extraordinary Value category. Please see our damages policy below for
information on what coverages apply to such items.

Potential Charges in addition to the hourly rate and travel charge:

All tolls, metered parking and parking permits.

Mattress bags $14-$17 each depending on size and are mandatory unless your mattress and boxspring are already
securely wrapped in plastic.

We’ll have some if you need ’em. Certificates of insurance may also be subject to additional charges depending on the coverage required by your building. Please see the certificates of insurance section above.

Dis/Assembly of Furniture Items
Our crews bring a basic toolkit including allen keys and screw drivers. We are capable of handling minor disassembly
of items that need to be broken down for transport but do not carry power-tools. If the crew disassembles something
they can reassemble it. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to assemble items that we did not disassemble.

Customers are responsible for providing instructions for any pieces we did not already disassemble, if not provided
with instructions it is up to the discretion of the crew whether or not they can assemble an item.
We recommend one man for every 100lbs. For example, if your marble coffee table weighs 250 lbs., a 3 man crew is
required . Let us know if you do not think a 2 man crew can reasonably handle any of the items on your inventory list!

We are not equipped to take apart items at the upholstery level or perform complex assembly/disassembly. Be
advised that Ikea-type items are not designed to be dis/reassembled and can be time consuming.

Payment Options & Cancellation Policy
We require a deposit equal to the minimum charge you will incur for using our services. This deposit amount is
equivalent to the 1 hour minimum + travel charge. If we have not received the deposit by the time of your scheduled
move we will not be able to send a crew. Balance is due on completion and we’ll email your receipt.

We accept cash and all major credit cards. The deposit must be paid on a card, the remaining balance may be paid
via cash or card.

You are able to cancel or reschedule until 12pm on the day before your scheduled move with no fee. The fee for
canceling or rescheduling after that time is equivalent to our hour minimum + travel charge.

If your move cannot be completed due to inaccurate information provided to us, or any other circumstances not
created by the movers, you will still be responsible for paying for the time spent at your location. Some examples are, but not limited to: Advising that there is an elevator, but it’s broken, or items from your inventory fit; having the
workers wait for you to show up, or not showing up at all; access to your building being delayed or denied because
you did not properly inform us of/follow the building’s procedures regarding hiring movers etc.

If your building has any policies or restrictions regarding COVID-19 they must be submitted to our office in writing.
This includes but is not limited to informing our office if your building mandates that vaccine cards be presented for
any outside parties performing services in the building. Failure to inform our office of such policies at least 24 hours prior to your move may result in delays or cancellation. If you do not inform us of your buildings COVID 19 policies and your move is canceled on the day of service as a result you may be billed a cancellation fee.

Packing Services
Man with a Van can provide packing services in addition to moving services upon request. If you’re interested in
having our trained and experienced teams take over the tedious task of packing your belongings let us know and we’ll
discuss what the best course of action is for your particular circumstances.

Packing jobs are more involved than standard moving services so they may require us to ask more questions about your needs and expectations. Packing and moving services can sometimes be completed in one day but may require 2 separate reservations over the course of multiple days. Please discuss packing services with the booking agent
who assists you. We will not come prepared with packing materials unless you are explicitly confirmed for both
moving AND packing services.

If you would like us to bring extra supplies to supplement what you already have we’re happy to provide them! All
supplies must explicitly be requested at least 24 hours prior to your move. We usually keep spare mattress bags on
hand as they are required by the city.

Our supplies are charged on a per use basis, however, if you request that we bring supplies and you end up not using
any you may still incur a $25 fee to cover the cost of our traveling to purchase additional supplies.

    • ❖ Queen Mattress Bags $14


    • ❖ King mattress bags $17


    • ❖ Bubble wrap (125’x1’) $52


    • ❖ Packing Paper $34 (25lb bundle)


    • ❖ Tape (2” x 55yds) $3


    • ❖ Wardrobe Boxes $20 (48” high and holds 2 feet of hanging clothes)


    • ❖ Small Cardboard Box 12″x12″x16″ $4.00


    • ❖ Medium Cardboard Box 18″x18″x16″ $5.00


    ❖ Large Cardboard Box 18″x18″x24″ $6.00

Damages Policy
Please be aware that our insurance only covers up to $.60/lb. This is industry standard, released value protection.
We understand that it’s important to transport your items with care so we do everything in our power to make sure no
damage occurs.

Our movers are experienced professionals. If they advise that an item cannot be safely moved and you authorize them to attempt to continue the move we are not responsible for damages. An example of this would be a situation in which our movers advise that a couch will not fit through a doorway. If you encourage our movers to try and make it fit we would not be liable for damage sustained to the building or furniture item being moved.

If our crews are directed to load or unload property at a place/places where the customer is not present the property
shall be at the risk of the customer.

We are not responsible for damage to any items that were not packed by our movers. This includes boxes, crates, cartons, or moving bags not professionally packed by our team. This also covers any larger items prepared for moving by the customer rather than by our team. We cannot verify the condition of items packed into boxes prior to our arrival or the precautions taken in using materials to pack the items as a result we cannot be held liable for damages. We are also not liable for any damages that occur after our movers have packed a customer’s vehicle as we are unable to verify whether customer actions during transit or unloading contributed or caused any present damages.

Please be aware that our insurance coverage does not cover “Items of Extraordinary Value”, which are items that are valued at higher than $100 per pound or items with a total value in excess of $2000. For these items, we would recommend checking your renters/homeowners insurance policy to ensure they are covered, or insuring them with a 3rd party.


All damage claims must be submitted within 7 days of completion of services. Images of damaged items must be
provided. Damages to buildings must be brought to the
attention of the crew while on site and reported to the office on the day of your services. Any damaged item that you are seeking compensation for must be written on the
inventory you submitted prior to your move.

Helpful packing tips:

    • ● Tape boxes all boxes– both the top and bottom.


    • ● Label the boxes on the sides and top of the boxes.


    • ● Label boxes containing fragile pieces.


    • ● Use moving boxes.


    • ● Empty all the contents from all drawers.


    • ● Begin to pack earlier than you think you will need to.


    • ● Put heavier items in smaller boxes and lighter items in larger boxes.


    ● Box all lamps and lamp shades.


Can I ride in the van?
Unfortunately our insurance doesn’t allow customers to ride along in our vans.

Can I keep items in my dresser?
We recommend taking items out of your dresser prior to your move to avoid damage and adding excessive weight.

Do you provide TV boxes?
While it is not required, we highly suggest purchasing a tv box from a third party (Home Depot or Lowes) for the best level of protection for your television. Otherwise we can provide moving blankets to swaddle your TV, that is usually sufficient.

Do you provide packing materials and boxes?
We’re happy to provide you with packing materials for your move but this is not something we have on hand for every job. If you need us to bring packing materials and want us to pack your boxes for you please make sure that you explicitly state that expectation. Our team will confirm that they are sending materials and a team that’s ready to do all of your packing, if you do not specifically request these services then we will assume all of your items are prepacked and ready to be loaded by our team.


We here at Man With A Van are proud to feed our families by providing an honest service. From A to B With TLC