5 Winter Moving Tips to Make Your Move Safer and More Efficient

Winter weather conditions can make moving a lot more challenging than it would normally be. The cold, ice, and snow can create emergencies you may not have anticipated. But these winter moving tips can help you be prepared and stay safer when your moving day arrives.

Watch The Weather

The unpredictable nature of winter weather can mean a last-minute change of plans. Planning as far as possible is smart, but no one can stop the weather from changing. For instance, you may need to reschedule if there will be a blizzard or snowstorm. Be sure to watch the weather forecasts the week before your move is scheduled.

Wear Warm Clothing

Even if you’ve already hired affordable movers in Philadelphia, cold temperatures can still affect you. This means you should keep warm gloves close by and put on layers of warm clothes. As the temperature changes, you can take them off or put on extra layers if necessary.

Bring An Emergency Kit

When you’re experiencing winter weather conditions, anything can happen so it is vital to be prepared for your safety. Here are just a few items to include in your emergency kit:

  • Bottled water
  • Non-perishable snacks
  • Loads of blankets
  • A first-aid kit
  • Jumper cables

Have Winter Supplies Ready

Having winter supplies when you need them can help you get out of harsh winter weather problems. For example, a shovel is useful for clearing driveways, while a snow blower can be handy too. Additionally, putting salt on the sidewalk can make the path to the house safer. And keeping a space heater nearby can provide supplemental heat if temperatures drop lower than you anticipated. Just make sure to watch the heater for safety reasons.

Protect Carpets and Floors

When you’re finally ready to move into your new place, be careful to not track dirt, snow, and salt inside. To prevent this from happening, cover tile and hardwood floors with plastic tarps. You can also place floor mats at every outside door entrance.

How a Moving Company Can Help

Whether you’d rather not endure the harsh weather on your own or you want extra peace of mind, a moving company can make your life easier. Local movers in Philadelphia have plenty of experience to assist with apartment, house, or office moves. We can even make furniture deliveries or Craigslist pickups and load or unload your vehicle. We have the right trucks to do larger or smaller moves. And we can be trusted to keep your belongings safe at an affordable price.

Unsure of your next step? The experts at Man With a Van can help! Contact us today!

5 Winter Moving Tips to Make Your Move Safer and More Efficient