furniture movers in Brooklyn ny

It is time to move! Now you have to start thinking about what to take with you to your new home and what to leave behind. Large furniture items can be daunting to move, even if you’ve assembled a team of family and friends to help. With bulky designs and hard-to-hold shapes, you run the risk of damaging the furniture or injuring yourself during the process. Professional movers are highly trained in moving large furniture, making your move less stressful. Here are some ways a professional mover can help you during your move. 

Increased Safety

Moving large furniture pieces is a complex process. These pieces of furniture are heavy and if you don’t know how to carry them, you could possibly hurt yourself. They are also usually more expensive, so you have to know how to protect them well during transport. Oftentimes, a DIY bubble wrap job isn’t sufficient in protecting your items, and the slippery surface can make them even more difficult to hold. Professional moving teams are thoroughly trained to perform complex moves safely and efficiently. They are also insured, meaning you and your items are protected if something were to go wrong. 

Help With Disassembly & Reassembly 

If your large pieces of furniture cannot fit through the door, it has to be disassembled. This is where furniture movers in Brooklyn, NY come in. Professional movers will disassemble your furniture safely, keeping screws labeled and organized for more streamlined reassembly. They also take care to disassemble your furniture in a logical sequence, labeling the pieces as they come off, so that nothing gets lost in transit.

Take The Stress Out Of Moving Day 

Moving large pieces of furniture is a daunting task that only adds stress to moving day. With the help of professional movers, you can rest assured that your furniture is moved safely, and disassembled and reassembled with care if necessary. 

The services of large moving companies go beyond the transport of your goods. If you need additional moving help, they can take care of:

  • The assembly and disassembly of smaller furniture items
  • Packing your belongings
  • Protecting your items with professional moving materials such as blankets, shrink wrap, and more. 
  • Temporary storage of your possessions in case your new home takes a while to become available.


Organization is key on moving day, and moving services in Philadelphia will help your move go smoothly. With solutions of all kinds for your largest, bulkiest, or most hard-to-hold items, the team at Man With A Van specializes in moving large furniture items safely. We have the necessary credentials to move your valuable belongings from one place to another without any problem. So, if you are thinking of moving, it is time to call the professionals. Contact us today!

How A Professional Mover Can Help You With Large Furniture